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Cactus Umpires began as a split-off umpire association in 1979. A bunch of us were dissatisfied with the direction and governance of the Arizona Umpires Association (AUA) to which we belonged. We tried to affect change through regular procedures but were unsuccessful and could not reach a satisfactory compromise.

About twenty of us left AUA and formed a new association which we called Cactus Umpires. After one year of operation, I became head of the group and it has been my baby ever since. Cactus Umpires quickly grew and developed in the premiere umpire association in Arizona.

Meanwhile I was acting deputy ASA UIC for fast pitch in Metro Phoenix but in 1994 I became the full fledged fast pitch UIC. That meant I had to do a lot more administrative and official stuff. I was already publishing a quarterly news booklet (The Cactus Spine) but I needed a more timely method of getting information out. During this same period, more and more people were getting computers and the World Wide Web was taking off.
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In the fall of 1998 I took a six week class on HTML at the local community college. That was the beginning of Cactus Umpires on the web. The web site launched in late 1998 and was advertised to the umpires using the image on the right.

Gradually the site grew to encompass all facets of fast pitch umpiring - not only ASA but college, high school and general interest stuff. For the first seven years of the NCAA Softball Umpire Improvement Program, Cactus Umpires was unofficial, official site for all college umpires. It virtually developed a "Life of Its Own" - independent of any organized entity; independent even of the Cactus Umpires Association which I eventually dissolved around the turn of the century.

So there is no longer an association and there are no more Cactus umpires but the web site lives on pulsating to the beat of the fast pitch umpire drum.
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Here is some stuff about me and what I have done...kind of my credentials to be able to talk about fast pitch umpiring.

Here are a bunch of those quarterly newsletters I used to publish before the Cactus Umpires web site stopped the press. They are also a graphic record of my learning-journey into desktop publishing and design.